Anonymous asked: What can I bring as presents for my host family. I am from Germany and I'll go to Canada (english speaking part). I already have got a book about the rhine (river in germany), three packs of Haribo #8sweets) and two of those magical, color changing cups (I personalized them, so that there are my sister's names on). But I feel like this is to less. I often read about bringing typical things-but in my region it is wine and such. But it'S not allowed to bring those things.

You could also bring things you think your host family might like. Many of our students would bring my mom and I jewelry, and my brother and dad soccer jerseys or t-shirts.

Anonymous asked: So I'm going to Italy this year for a semester and how do I work at school and talk to my host family if I have no clue how to speak that language??

Practice the language. You’ll struggle at first, and you’ll probably be asking people to repeat themselves and be using a dictionary a lot, but eventually you’ll be able to speak well and have conversations and understand.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I leave for exchange in 26 days and I still dont have a host family & I'm starting to worry because most of the people leaving already have one! Should I wait & see if the find one or ask for the dorms?

I would contact your organization and discuss that with them. They can tell you if it’s better to wait for a host family or get a dorm.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips for making things with host family less awkward?

It’ll be awkward at first no matter what (or, at least in my experience that’s how it is). But just getting to know them over time will help. Ask them about their interests, their country, their home, and so on, and tell them things about yourself.

Anonymous asked: Hey. I'm an exchange student going on exchange in less than two weeks, and I feel completely unprepared! I haven't packed yet and I just feel really nervous about everything.

Start packing (You only really need a few days, and I have a tag for that), and get together everything you think you’ll need (passport, money, phone, etc). Other than that there’s not much preparation you can do. Maybe study the language some more and message your host family if you haven’t confirmed your flight and all that with them.

Anonymous asked: I've been in France for the last eight months and I have only three months left, I'm already starting to get emotional about leaving my host family and my life in France in General, any tips?

Don’t focus on leaving and just focus on the present. You are in France now, so enjoy your time in France. Think about leaving only when you have to.

Anonymous asked: Are there any non rotarian/AFS kids out there? Right now I can only find those exchange students and I'd like to follow some from other organizations as well, so if anyone sees this, please like it so I can follow!

Hey people not with rotary or afs! :)

Anonymous asked: I leave in four days. I have been so confident and excited but im starting to freak out. I feel sick and nervous and am worried I cant do it. Is this common or should I have been more nervous early on and freaking out less now?

There is no typical freak out time. It all happens at different times for different people. But right before leaving seems to be the most common.

Anonymous asked: I know its dumb but I'm flat out terrifyed that my host family wont like me

I think it’s just easy to be nervous about a lot of things before exchange, but if you’re host family signed up to host then I’m sure they will like you (and probably even love you) just fine. :)

Anonymous asked: I'm considering going to Germany for a year but worried about going to the schools I don't speak German and wondering if anyone else has done this. The organization gives a 3 week language class before but I'm worried I won't be able to do the school

I went with only a basic knowledge of German and I know several people who went knowing absolutely no German, so it is definitely possible!