Anonymous asked: I don't know how i feel :/

That’s okay. I’d say maybe take some time to yourself to treat yourself. Sit outside and read a book, take yourself out for dessert, things like that.

I still have these anxious moments once every two months when I realize I’m in the US. HOW THE HELL DID I GET HERE ? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN ??!
Samurai survey for University students?


I’m sorry for spamming Tumblr with schoolwork stuff that’s about the same thing twice… but I really need exchange students who have studied/is studying in Japan. And, especially male students since I have a majority of females answering the survey (but the more the merrier!)


Here’s the link to my survey on the samurai!

blow-thedandelion asked: hey, i bet you already received this question like tons of them.. I gained like 12pounds in my host country. Will i lose it when as soon as i come back home?

More than likely, yes. I haven’t seen a student that has gone back to there home country and not gone back to their normal weight.

carogoestoamerica asked: Hey! I'm an exchange student from Germany in America right now. I just wanted to let your followers know that if they have any questions about an exchange year or specifically about Germany or America and life there they can ask me anytime! ☺️

Thanks! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi , I'm Italian, I'll send my question on July in order to do an annual program, but I'm still a little uncertain..If I specify that I can't cook, housespeeking or stay alone in the house, it could happen a family that work all day long and that leave me alone? (I hope that I haven't done some mistakes )

If you said you don’t want to be alone, then they likely won’t put you with a family that would be gone all day. Organizations match students to their families based on a lot of factors, and they will try to get the best match for you. If they say they found you a family that works all day, just tell them you don’t want to be alone all day.

Anonymous asked: To the gay/vegan guy: Switzerland is pretty liberal in every way. I'm gay myself and I've never had any problems plus as the admin said already: most organisations try to match the students diet with the familys diet. :)


drinker-joker-soulsearcher asked: Hi, I'm Bulgarian, I saw that anon ask, if the person has questions or wants to talk to someone, hit my ask, I'd be happy to talk to them :)


Anonymous asked: to the gay vegan: if you're going with rotary don't go to the czech republic, as there is an equal chance that you'll get sent to slovakia which is a super homophobic country.

Thank you for that!


Pretty much it