Anonymous asked: Hi! For the anon who is worried about not much contact with future host family! Neither I had a lot of contact with my host family and i thought we wouldn't have good relationship but my year was amazing and i loved my host family like my real family and the same did they. So don't worry! ;)

Thanks! :)

Anonymous asked: To the anon with the shellfish allergies- I'm from Iceland and I can't eat shellfish (no allergies, just don't like the taste) and that's no problem because the only times I've been offered any kind of shellfish is maybe in a few dinner parties. Having those allergies shouldn't be a problem if you want to go to Iceland :)

Thanks :)

Anonymous asked: Ok so I need some advice. I got home (Canada) from 6 months in Australia about a month ago. I met my 2 best friends and boyfriend while I was there. I talk to them almost every day, but it's still not them same. I miss them an unbelievable amount and I don't know what to do to stop myself constantly thinking of them... Do you have any advice on how to stop missing people?

There’s not really a way to. You just kind of learn to live without them over time.

Anonymous asked: Should I go to South Africa or France for my exchange year??? I'm Swedish if you were wondering.

Both of those places are wildly different so it would depend on you. France will be closer to home and while the culture will be different, I think South African culture will be a lot more different than what you’re used to. It also depends on what language you’d prefer to learn. Personally, I think South Africa would be really interesting to live in

Anonymous asked: Im leaving for a semester long exchange in about a month and Ive hardly spoken with my host family. Is that weird? In may when i was assigned to them i sent my host mom an email and they friended me on FB. I spoke with my older host sisters twice but I have hardly talked to my host mom(she works a lot and doesnt have a lot of time to talk)or host brothers, who are like 12 and 13. Should I be talking more or is a basic introduction enough?

I’d say it just depends on you and the host family. With our first host student I emailed her almost daily, with the rest we didn’t speak to them until they arrived. With my host family I had told them a little bit about myself and they told me a little about them, but that was about it. I think if they don’t have time then you’ll get a lot of chances to talk with them once you’re there.

Anonymous asked: For Anon worried about food issues; At least in Finland I know for a fact, that any diet/allergy is NOT a problem. I'm Finnish myself, and ever since I was little I couldn't eat seafood. Also, now that I'm older I mostly eat vegetarian food - not a problem at all. In general, allergies are very common in Finland so people are used to them :)


lordsheepling asked: Hi! For anon: I'm also a junior interested in taking an AFS gap year to Iceland for the 2016-2017 year! Iceland's food is largely fish and sheep, so you might have some trouble there. I've looked into it extensively for almost two years though, and I'd love to discuss stuff with you! It doesn't seem like many people want to take gap years to Nordic countries, and it would be super cool to have someone to talk about stuff with c:


Anonymous asked: This goes to the girl worried about being curvy in Italy..... I've recently come back from Italy and might I tell you that most Italians enjoy a lady with curves, you'll be fine, just dress confident and fabulous - from one curvy lady to another :)

Thank you!

schoolofpurplecelery asked: Im going to italy in 18 days. Im just so nervouse that I won't fit in. Im really curvy and im worried they will think of me as a chubby American. Are people usually excepting of exchange students despite there flaws or should I try harder to fit in?

I’ve found people are usually pretty accepting, and usually care more about how you are than how you look. 

I’m not exactly skinny by any means, but no one really mentioned or seemed to care about my weight except my host family (and that’s because they knew I was trying to lose weight and their comments were okay to say)

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a current high school junior interested in going on a academic gap year through AFS for 2016-2017. Some countries say that they don't accept kids with food restrictions, and since I'm allergic to shellfish/mollusks, I was wondering, do you know if this could keep me from being accepted at no-food-restriction places? My top two countries are Iceland and Finland, and I can't get enough info on the site to determine whether or not my allergy would lead me to be rejected. Thanks for any help

I don’t know any information on this (although if I had to take a guess it’s probably more for countries where that food item is a significant part of their meals, so I would imagine your allergy would be fine)

Does anyone else have more info?