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Host Family (also: host sister, host brother, host mom, host dad)

Exchange Programs







International Experience (IE)












South Korea


United States







Anonymous asked: please if i forgot to set the anon dont answer me

Which ask did you send? I only have 2 non-anon messages currently, and I want to make sure I don’t publish the wrong one.

Anonymous asked: What should I do because I know a some people at my school but I want to eat lunch and hang out with them but I don't know how to ask because it is a simple hey how are you and we smile and leave. Any help? Sorry for my bad English.

Say “hey do you mind if I join you during lunch today?” Or at lunch ask “can I sit with you guys?”
Same with asking to hang out. Just go up and ask, “Do you want to hang out sometime [go see a movie, go out to eat, etc]?”
It can seem hard at first, but if you’re already talking a little bit then just add on a question when they ask “how are you?”

emrojo asked: Rotary doesn't tend to put kids in older families with no kids! it really depends on who has volunteered to host, but they do their best to put you in good situations. I was with rotary and I had host siblings in all my families. also, it's a volunteer-run program, but you as a student are not required to do any major volunteer work. although it's not perfect, it really is a great program and I absolutely recommend it. please tell your followers that they can contact me if they have questions!

When I had looked into Rotary 2 years ago that’s what they had told me, but things may have changed.

I keep hearing mixed things about Rotary now, so ultimately I think it just depends a lot on which district you’re in (because I have seen other blogs with Rotary that seem like they’re having a great time and love Rotary, but I’ve also heard about bad experiences with Rotary. But, I’ve heard the same with big organizations like AFS too)

houseeofwolvees asked: Ok another question haha. What is Rotary ? I heard it's a cheap student exchange program but is it those where you do like community projects and stuff? I went on their website and im slightly confused haha.

I didn’t go with Rotary and don’t know anyone who did, so this is all based on what I know.

It’s a volunteer run program. Each area is a district, and your district helps run your exchange, and from what I understand, you’re kind of like a team with your district. If I remember correctly they tend to put you with older couples with no children (which was my reason for not choosing them, and that’s why I remember it) Otherwise I believe it’s a normal exchange program.

Anonymous asked: Hello, right now I'm applying for an exchange and I have a few questions! I'm applying for the USA and I'm interested about my pocket money- how much should I have monthly (but to have also as well money for shopping and for the food haha) ?

$200 a month is the typical allowance amount, and that should normally cover your food expenses and extra expenses you have (bus tickets, school costs, things like that). If you think you’ll do a lot of shopping or traveling, than I would maybe add $100 or so onto there


Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

First morning of real school. I have what is probably anatomy, maybe biology, music (no creating music involved), math that could be trig or pre calc or I don’t even know what, and Chinese literature. Good day :)

What being an exchange student means —


Being a high school exchange student means:

  • That you made the best and worst decision to leave home for the year.
  • Giving people a reason to love your home country.
  • That your current life floats in a different bubble, and you become worried that it will pop.
  • Becoming a part of a family despite differences of culture.
  • That you cant walk to the bathroom without any pants on because there’s a risk that a member of your host family will see you.
  • You arrive in a place filled with people that have no prior judgements of you.
  • Learning a new culture is your job.
  • Schooling becomes something different.
  • You’re a teenager in a foreign country.
  • You learn new swear words that you can get away with saying back in your home country.
  • Acting crazy in public because you know that the general population will not ever see you again.
  • Making your own decisions.
  • Eating “weird” foods.
  • Making friends from every corner on the planet.
  • Developing a different sense of pride for your home and host country.
  • Deciding how to live your life.



When to say “Du” or “Sie” - a Visual Guide

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