emrojo asked: for the kid asking about going home: if things are really hard when you return, think of it as a second exchange. don't stay home and cry all day about how great your exchange was and how horrible your home is. go out, make new friends if your old ones are being mean, find other ex-exchange students for support, treat your family like a host family (be polite and understanding, make them foods from your host country, etc). try to adjust, just like you would on exchange.

That is actually really good advice! I had never thought about it that way, but coming back is a lot like initially going on exchange. Thank you!

itsweirdhowlife-works asked: Hey! I'm Chilean 😊 try with AFS. Good luck and Chile is a great country just come and visit it



"When you find an opportunity, just take it!" - This is something that I am trying to live by more often because some things in life don’t come round twice. 

Anonymous asked: Do you know some Information about rotary in Chile?

I do not. Followers?

Anonymous asked: Any tips on how to deal with the end of your exchange coming up? I am terrified to go home. I don't want to leave.

Not really. Going home is one of the worst parts of exchange, & there’s not much you can do except just trying to concentrate on the present and not the fact that you’re leaving. Make sure you have info for everyone you want to keep in contact with, and hang out with your friends and host family as much as possible before you leave.

with-miles-to-go asked: Just something for the anon asking about Mexico! I think the first thing to remember is that going with an organization they're not going to send you to a highly volatile or dangerous area, that'd be pretty stupid. I have a couple friends living in Mexico and the sense I've gotten from them is that while you should be careful so long as you're smart about things and stay in the safer neighbourhoods you should be fine. Either way, if you are really worried just pick another country.

Thanks for the input! :)

dreaming-at-sea asked: hi im with Rotary and i can answer that. the only way a county can get "banned" is by the district, not the entire organisation, and usually happens in extreme circumstances. for example, my district was banned by NZ because a girl got pregnant while there. so they only reason you wouldn't be able to go to Mexico is because maybe your district doesn't exchange with that county (mine doesn't do Spain!) but rotary 100% has clubs in Mexico :)

Good to know. Thanks!


Learn a foreign language!

Anonymous asked: Go to Chile ❤️ it's the Most beautiful Country and it has all. Coast Mountains Snow citys and desert. :) the Pupil in Chile Are very friendly and Like Exchange Students. My spanish Teacher also comes from chile and she is very small and cute and she Looks like Snow white :D go CHILE ❤️

For the anon asking about South America :)