blueskycadet asked: I have to go Guangzhou, China for 6 months as part of a masters degree. I've been there before for 2 weeks but I'm not sure about going back. My main concern is about safety, and walking alone. as a European girl,I seemed to get a lot of attention/stares that made me uncomfortable. Also I'm worried about getting ill and not being able to communicate in Chinese as I have a nut allergy and it was nearly impossible to eat anything without nut oil. I was hoping some people can share thoughts. Thanks

Anyone with information about living in China, send in some suggestions!

I have never lived in China, so I’m just going on what I know based on people I know who have lived in China. For the stares, I don’t think it’s threatening. They’re likely just not used to seeing foreigners. I know when I was younger, I had blonde hair, and when I would visit my nanny’s family in Mexico, they would all stare at me because they never got any foreigners where they lived, so blonde hair was strange to them. I think that same situation applies here (and from what I’ve heard from westerners who have been to Asia, it tends to hold true that some people will stare at you just because you look so different, especially if you’re in an area without a lot of foreigners). If you’re worried about safety just make sure to stay in well populated areas (no dark alleyways), and keep alert. You could also keep keys or a nail file at the ready if you’re really worried about being attacked.

For the nut allergy, you might just have to do a lot of home cooking, but hopefully someone else has a better suggestion than that.

Anonymous asked: I'm not sure if you're a guy or a girl so either way you can choose not to answer this one but how did you tackle 'feminine' issues whilst abroad? Like purchasing stuff and disposing in the house? My family has a boy my age (16) and only little little sisters so I'm a lil worrried about it? Sorry its probably awkward you dont need to respond

I’m a girl, so I did deal with that a little bit. But I got really lucky in that my host family was 2 host sisters and my host mom, so I didn’t have to really worry as much.

For purchasing items, I just went to the store and got them whenever I needed them. Normally I carried a large purse or backpack with me when I went shopping (as I normally went after school, when I was in town), so I would just stick them in their after I purchased them, and my host family wouldn’t know. I also kept everything I needed in a basket in my closet, instead of in the bathroom (since my host sister’s and I didn’t share or use the same type of product). 

As for disposal, I personally just wrapped it in toilet paper and threw it in the bathroom trashcan (then it just looks like a wad of toilet paper). If you’re really embarrassed you could throw them away in a trashcan in your room and just empty it whenever you’re done.

I mean, once you get to know your host mom better (or if you’re braver than me, when you get there you can ask her), if you have any questions about disposal you should be able to ask her, as she would understand. 

Anonymous asked: What gifts should I bring to my host family? I'm going to France so anything specific that you'd think they'd want?

Maybe you could bring some food from your country for them to try (that would, of course, keep in a suitcase and you could take abroad)

Otherwise, I can’t think of anything specific. Just the general “bring things that represent your home country or town”

Anonymous asked: Is it normal to be really nervous before going on exchange? Until today I was really excited and genuinely not worried at all but suddenly today I had an "oh my god what am I even doing?" kind of moment and now I'm worried? I leave in 2 weeks :/

Totally normal! Actually some programs even tell you to expect it, because it’s so common when you get close to leaving. 

For me, the day of my flight I told my parents I don’t want to go anymore, that’s how nervous I was! 

Anonymous asked: Hello! I want to do a Higschool year in Japan winter 2015, we've already gotten the paperwork, but I haven't finished them even though we got them 2 months ago. It's because we had trouble getting the photos and they won't proceed unitl everything is complete. Now I'm very worried how they'll look at it, because they might think I'm not motivated enough D:

I think if you just explain the delay to them it should be fine! I think it took me like 3 months to get all my paperwork done and I was still accepted ;)

Anonymous asked: Anon from before who was wondering about leftover students! I just wanted to say that my mom broke and said yes, and we're working on my dad :) I may soon have two new siblings this upcoming year instead of one! Also that you to the people who reblogged that ask with more info!

Awesome! The more the merrier ;D

Anonymous asked: I wish to find the other yfu exchange students going to Korea in February 2015.

Any YFU Korea bound students?
Message me for anon!


  • Always buy a Tageskarte if you plan on travel back on the same day (return ticket).
  • People who are 16 years and older have to pay the full ticket price. People who are younger than 16 or own a Halbtax (demi-tarif; metà-prezzo) only pay half of the price. Children (who are younger than 6 years…
hatsforunicorns asked: Can the girl who's going to Torbay, UK (if she's going for 14/15) message me? I'm going to Torquay and we're very near!


Anonymous asked: I apologize. I meant sta. Does sta only fly students studying abroad?



It’s okay :) I just was really confused, as I’ve never heard of STA before. From their site, it sounds like it’s for all students, not just exchange students, but if someone has more information let me know!

I booked a flight for me and my (non-student) husband through them as a grad student. It was just like booking through any other site but I saved an extra $20 or something and it’s a legit company. They used to have a physical location at my university.